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Thanks for that Rick. I'm always amazed at the variety of colours on display when watching a beautiful sunrise/ sunset. Nature is truly wonderful. Yep plodding on regardless Rick. Murrumbidgee is firing again after the floods and I've been getting into the Cod. Unusual catch the other day...A 40cm Yella on cheese. Interestingly enough, I had a Yabbie on a paternoster rig about a metre away from the cheese and it took the cheese. 1st I've caught that way and none of my fishing buddies have caught one on cheese either.

I trust you're keeping busy. Hope there's plenty of work about to keep the cash register ticking over mate. I will look you up when I head up to the MNC to fish with Dirvin and Hoods. Not sure when that will be but I've got your number. Cheers, Neil

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