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Electric reels and line for same


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45 minutes ago, adkel53 said:

Just wondering if anyone has experience using electric reels for deep dropping offshore. If so, what brands do you recommend and what line class would be needed when spooling one up?

For deep dropping around 500m+ I use a Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000 and a Tanacom 1000. Spooled with about 800m of 80lb braid. They have been reliable and consistent performers ... no issues so far.

If money was not an issue (3-4x price of Tanacom) I'd replace them with Miya Epoch 8  reels  - I used one previously on a mates boat - they are commercial grade.

For deep dropping in waters >60m my wife uses a Banax Kaigen 300c (she has arthritis in hands) which holds around 450m of 40lb braid.

You might find these previous posts of interest.

Cheers Zoran


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I had a Miya Epoch 8 but went back to non electric bellow 350m and Shimano force and plays for deeper. If I was to buy another it would be a beastmaster. I also prefer holding the rod to feel bites and also to retrieve from the bottom.

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Miya epoch big one only reel for me had a Daiwa Tanacom bull and hooked something big one day at Kiama canyons and it stripped all the line so fast off it i could smell the drag washers burning even broke the level wind on it piece of junk. As for line around 120lb will do.

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