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ID Please (Silver Trevally)



Caught this one off Bermagui where we were getting Snapper and Morwong looked a bit like a Morwong but had some light grey stripes across it's body which don't show up in photo a bit like a Trevally I'm thinking maybe a Silver Trevally?

IMG_3973 (1).jpg

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There used to be big schools along the east coast usually over winter which were great fun. They go hard & are fun to catch. However any resource has usually been netted into oblivion so not as common any more. They are a good table fish. Surprisingly good as raw fish and good for fish dishes like curry or fish stew etc.

3-4kg "blurters" go as hard as Kingies. Try them thinly sliced raw on a bed on wasabi with your choice of garnish.

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