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After taking up lure fishing December/January this year and pretty much neglecting learning and practicing on soft plastics in favour of topwater lures, vibes and blades. I made a promise to my jigheads and plastics packets that they will be used! And with that in mind I have been just focusing on using soft plastics and really wanting to target bream with them.

After a few initial sessions working 1/6 to 1/8 jigheads and pulling in a variety of usual suspects flatties, tailor and the odd bream, I decided to find some sheltered areas to throw lighter weights around 1/12, 1/16 and 1/20.

First session (Monday arvo)was around middle head and I had some success pulling up a flounder, 2 x tailor(PIA), and a small bream (first photo)using 1/12 size 2 jighead using baitjunkie 2.5 inch minnow and the berkley powerbait grub. 

Second session(today in the morning) around meadowbank area had a few nibbles using 1/12 then 1/16  sie 2jighead, on the zman slim swimz. A couple of more casts towards the mangroves and bang it get hit very hard and pull up a bigger fat bream 30 model(second photo)

Happy with the progress and looking forward to catching up with sensei @DerekD for a fish in the future



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