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Rushcutters/Yarranabbe Park Session


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Inspired by @Little_Flatty's new bike modifications, I decided to head out to Rushcutter's and Yarranabbe Park for a session. Devising the sketchiest plan - tying my father's 2 piece 1-4kg rod to my handlebars, I made my way down a steep hills at speeds averaging 30kms/hr to the fishing spots. I forgot to bring my lures, but brought some chicken to tie onto a paternoster rig. The session was quite sucessful - a quick one-and-a-half hour session resulted into two winter trevs (close to thirty cms), a few yakkas, a few juvenile snappers, and a tarwhine. Pretty stoked about the session, as it was very good for my health. All fish released - couldn't carry them with me anyways. No photos as well, sorry, as I don't have a phone.

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Hey Ben,

That's not a bad result for a Winter's day. I've had a couple of donuts there on lures in the last month, so maybe it's not such a bad thing you only had bait.

Play with a few different options to strap a rod to your bike, you're bound to work something out. Then there is a lot of territory to explore in that vicinity.


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9 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

I would call that outing a success.


Thank you, I quite enjoy quick, productive sessions

7 hours ago, big Neil said:

You did well to catch several species with little preparation. 30km/hr downhill would indicate a very slow trip back home, I suspect.

Thanks for your report. bn

Yes, I had to pedal back all the way on gear 1🤣. A nice workout for my lower body.

3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great report.

Well done.

Thanks mate.

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