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Swing away drawbar


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Anyone fitted one and if they have what’s the legalities? My shins will love me if I can fit one and I’ll be able to close the roller door as I’m sick of those two cons I just mentioned.

pros cons.

one cons is it won’t take much to knock off trailer from what I can see and I doubt they are as strong as a solid piece of metal like existing drawbars.



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3 hours ago, Rebel said:

A Mate of mine worked as a 4wd mechanic.

He use to fit them all the time.

Any tobar mechanic can fit them

They are legal.

Surely I can fit it myself as you can buy them yourself?It ain’t rocket science to cut the drawbar,slide the coupling on,drill and bolt them up.

i already shortened my jockey wheel 5 inches as I moved the mounting bracket 5 inches up to clear the trailer where I wanted it mounted.

 It’s a bit rough as I have a bung hand but strong.


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