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North Head ( Manly ) Sunday.


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We arrived arond 6am. There were three of us.

Found a ledge, water was calm.

We were using bait.

Slow to start.

I caught a Bonito & two nice Snapper for the Neighbours.

The other guys caught two Bonito & three Tailor.

I was using a Dawia Over There 11ft rod with a Dawia Legalis 5000 reel & Dawia J Mono line. 

The reel seem to stuggle a bit. I will use a stronger reel next time.

Off to the Freshwater Pub for breakfast. Serve the best Calamari.


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@Green Hornet

I bought this after I read some reviews.

I must admit I bought it on special. I would have not paid the orginal asking price of $299.00

I bought it for $179.00.

The rod is made for lures. I am yet to try it using lures. The rod is really light weight. Probably the lightest rod I have owned.

On Sunday I was using bait & it seem to cast very well.

I think I had the wrong reel on.

I wIll take it beach fishing withh some other reels & lures.

I will let you know.

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