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Overnight Secure Boat Parking In Nelson Bay


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Hi There Raiders

I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an overnight secure boat and trailer parking in Nelson Bay. My wife and I are going to head up there and we have a 5M Seafarer Centre Console. We are booked into the Ramada, but parking is always a premium. More than happy to pay for the parking but don't want to leave the boat unsecure. Any intel would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Guiness.... there are self storage units at Taylors Beach (Trades Court and Shearwater Dr) and Salamander Bay (George Rd) that do cater for caravan and boat storage but I think it is mainly longer term by the month rentals however it couldn't hurt to ring and ask about shorter term.  These are about a 15 minute drive from Shoal Bay.  There is also another caravan and boat storage business at Bobs Farm which you will drive past on your way into the Bay but its a fair way from Shoal Bay.  Can't think of any other options at this time.  Have you tried asking the staff at the Ramada reception??, I'm sure you will not be the first person with this issue and they may offer another solution.

Regards... Twosheds

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