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Sydney spot recommendations with shade/cover?


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I'm looking to go fishing with a mate who has to avoid the sun because of skin conditions.

We'd probably go in the daylight hours, something like 10am-4pm.

Looking for a spot with some solid action, and preferably the potential to catch something edible.

Gear ranges from 2-5kg rod + 2500 reel to 6-8kg rod + 6000 reel, and we can do bait or lures.

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you can also bring a small 1.8 x1.8 gazebo and set that up on a wharf. Ive done this a few times in the rain and it works a charm! tie it down on a few cleats and your set. just make sure it dosnt blow away.
besides that most ferry wharfs are under cover along side with various bridges. 

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