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Superglue on lures


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Morning raiders,

Lately been having a problem with lures getting pantsed. Almost every time the lure comes back to me its been pushed back onto the jighead. I use zman and zerek lures/

Ive heard of people using superglue to prevent this, but i'm just wondering if the smell of superglue would decrease the amount of bites i get. 

Any thoughts on this?

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This is common practice with Z-mans, because the 10x tough properties can make them difficult to stay in place.

Getting 'pantsed' happens a lot for me when fishing with weedless hooks. Personally, I'm just resigned to fixing the lure every time a fish touches it. But if it starts to bother me, I'll use a dab of superglue.

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34 minutes ago, Rebel said:

If it is ZMan you are using ask the Agents. I read an article by them over a year ago on problems with their lures.

ZMan are totaly different to other lures.

Good luck.

Agreed. Too much superglue will melt a ZMan, though a small drop doesn’t seem to effect them.

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