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Interesting pic - Jacob's Ladder at Watsons Bay


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The army used to abseil down at Jacobs ladder for training. The swinging ladder at Macquarrie lighthouse was way more scary. There are quite a few more fishing spots along that section, many of which are accessed by rope ladders. Personally I much preferred to climb with ropes and never trusted some of the ladders, using ropes to hang onto always felt better.

There was a death at Diamond Bay when one of the 'permanent' ladders broke free from the wall while a young guy was climbing it- he wasn't a fisher, just decided to climb down and a high section of ladder just broke off. From memory the council then removed the top section straight away. The ladders there had been there a long time when we first climbed down in about 1976-77. The spot at the bottom was known as the 'Block' and plenty of people fish from the tops of the cliffs along there, mostly using floats/corks.

A guy called 'Ben Buckler Barnacle' has done a few really interesting articles on many of the old fishing spots from South Head to Waverly Cemetery with plenty of pictures, great descriptions and a couple of videos- well worth a look if you want to see some of the rock locations.

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