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Skinny Local Water (Canberra)

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I got a rare 1/2 day off this morning so went for a walk on a local river. 2nd cast snagged a heavy branch so had no chance of getting the lure back on 4lb leader. Rerig and next cast goes way over a deep pool into thick scrub ... I guess the jig head was heavier than I thought. A 1/32 ounce goes on and I get a hit from a decent fish, looks legal but it falls off before it makes it into the net. Next comes 2hrs of walking and casting. The river is never more than knee deep. It is quite scrubby and there is lots of fallen timber so it is much faster walking in the water. I spook a couple of super small fish, could even be galaxia. Neoprene socks keep things sane but not super comfortable. Eventually I get to some steeper country where rapids empty into slightly deeper water. I'm guessing this is just far enough away from the trailhead to reduce the fishing pressure as there are multiple fish in each pool. Unfortunately they are more curious than aggressive. I get about 5 follows for every hit and manage to drop 5 before I land a small rainbow. Fishingwise not a great return on my investment but a nice walk in superb country. Cloudless sky with a wedgetail soaring over me all morning. Worse places to be.

Sorry i forgot my phone so no photos.

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A great recounting of your trip to the skinny water. Enjoy the experiences while you can mate. Shame you weren't able to get some photos, sounds like beautiful country you were in.

Thanks for the report, bn

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Had another crack. This time started at the crossing that takes it's appearance seriously and walked up a creek that sounds like a bird of prey. Not sure if cryptic references to fishing spots are a thing. Started at 8am. No real action in the 1st hour. Maybe being 20 minutes behind a couple of other blokes had something to do with that. After they turned around and I started spooking fish and getting a few follows, all in ankle deep water. It took a lot of casts to get one on. Left him at my feet in the water to get my phone out. It took advantage of the situation and had another run, wrapped itself around a branch and busted me off. Noob mistake. Spooked more fish but no more hookups. Always good to cover new water even if its very scrubby.



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Thanks @big Neil. I'm definitely in the slow decline stage of life. I'm trying to follow my physio mate's advice of use it or lose it, so am making an effort to get myself out bushwalking or fishing whenever the opportunity comes up. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the reports, and just remember that guys like yourself and @wazatherfisherman sharing their wisdom are super valuable to other readers.

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