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middle harbour snapper

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Hi All,

Got out in the Kayak on Saturday, was freezing but had to do it.

Launched as usual from Clontarf but not much happening in my spots so paddled around under spit bridge opposite spit reserve. Managed to get two decent snapper.

I decided to keep these (at 31 and 32cm) as i must have released thousands of pinkies over the years. I think its about the 4th or 5th time getting legals in the harbour.

What was more surprising is I suspect i pulled the hooks on a couple that felt a proper size. Serious weight, headshakes and hard to bring up.

Paddled back and blasted the heater on in the car. Had plenty of time to warm up while sitting on the highway to hell that is military road




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Yep, that's pan fried snapper x 2 right there! Great work pulling them out that far up the Harbour, like you must have chucked back thousands of little pink wrigglers from around there! 

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