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Shopping for Fishing Rods with the Neighbours.


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Hi All.

The boys have saved up their pocket money & they wanted to buy their own rods.

In the past they have been using my gear, mainly to see if they were interestd in fishing.

They decided on beach rods. So I checked around for good prices.

They bought Penn Prevail 2 10' 6'' spin rods at a good price. They will be able to use these rods at various places.

I gave them a 4000 spin reel each.

i also gave them a 500 metre roll of line each plus sinkers, hooks, swivels & a range of lures to get them started.

They have seemed to picked up the fishing very well.

Tme will tell.


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A long way down the track of their lives they will remember how they got into fishing. In particular, the people who encouraged them to start the journey. YOU will be their driving force Rebel...great spirit mate, keep it up.   bn

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