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Fishing Lesson with DerekD


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After a recent comment that I had 100% consistency with squid, in that I had tried for them several times, but never caught one, @DerekD kindly offered to provide instruction.  Before meeting we had a chat by phone, for Derek to learn a bit about what kind of fishing I enjoy and what my experience is and so on.  We met at 7 am at Mosman Wharf, and it quickly became apparent that I had been doing some things wrong.

How I tie knots could be improved.

The way I hold a fishing rod was incorrect.

My technique for preparing to cast was wrong.

My casting needed work.

My understanding of lures was lacking, as well as how to work them.

Later on, Derek improved my technique for fighting a fish.

There were probably other areas in need of remiation, but I can't recall them.


Derek has clearly spent a great deal of time thinking about every aspect of fishing, and identified ways in which an angler can improve their technique, and technique is clearly the difference between going fishing and actually catching fish (or squid).


Over the course of almost four hours, Derek coached me on all of the points I mentioned above, firstly with a view to reducing effort, increasing efficiency and accuracy.


Then, with the basics covered, It was on to how to actually work a lure. We began with squid jigs, looking at different construction elements - colours, texture and tines and especially sink rates.  I tried moving a fast sinking squid jig, bouncing it along the bottom and then on to a slower sinking jig, bouncing it along and keeping it from snagging in weeds.


My technique for soft plastics - which Derek explained are worked in much the same way as squid jigs - had been to hope that my lure was in the neighbourhood of the ocean floor and then impart some motion to the lure...any motion.  I learned to keep slack out of the line and hop the jig as efficiently as possible, with a mix of large and small hops.


Next up was surface lures, with a variety of lures, and differing the retrieves, mixing in pauses and varying the motion of the lure.  Until this morning my surface lure technique, and I use the word advisedly, had been to vary the speed with which I wound the egg beater, with the odd pause in the hope that pausing would startle any local fish into attacking my lure.  Under Derek's tutelage I had the exceitement of a surface take of a lure which I was working.  The fish did not stay hooked, but I certainly did.


As it happens my squid catching streak remains intact, but with the knowledge gained this morning, I am confident that I will be catching squid very soon.  I learnt a great deal, which I look forward to putting into practice.


Thanks heaps Derek!



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3 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Good luck with the journey Just James. Never become disillusioned by the lack of positive results...persist and you will succeed. Good luck. bn

No disillusionment here Neil - more the delight of scales falling from my eyes.

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Hi @JustJames,

It was a pleasure to meet you today. I was impressed at how quickly you picked up some of the concepts. Retraining the muscle memory will take a little longer but you are well on your way there.

Looking forward to reading more of your reports.



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Oh yes, @DerekDis great at teaching stuff. I spent half a hour and with some pointers. He gave me enough advice to figure out the surface lure techniques.

I am still working on soft plastics twitches on retrieves and had some decent sucess. Certainly no more donuts days despite undersized fished

 Youtube certainly helps once you know what you need to learn 

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Watching YouTube has its place, but.......in my opinion, nothing beats actually "doing it" and if you have someone who can show you the very basics, and you're prepared to look, listen and learn, you will get competent way faster than any edited movie can achieve.

 I don't profess to be an expert, or a teacher, but sometimes if I am fishing the beach or my local lake, and I see (say) a family of tourist who obviously have no idea, I will spend some time with them showing them some very simple things. Some don't care and almost tell me to buzz off, others are thankful and love the experience. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone succeed in catching a fish using some simple advice you just taught them.

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