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Further practice In narrabeen


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So today was not best idea in surf fishing but I started at Lake first for some soft plastics practice. 

Caught another flatty 30cm undersized and could not hook up to any of bites. Leatherjacket destroyed grub.

Then went to beach to try 4-8kg 7footrod for the on low tide ( I know not best idea but needed to test new rod). Landed a even smaller flatty on 5 in shad on 3/4 ounce jighead.( at least I know I am doing some things correct). As for why a 25 cm flatty went for it not sure.


lesson learnt: today 1/8 jighead in Lake seem to be more effective on slow roll pause. The double hop  is not the best fir it Unless with smaller jighead.

7 foot rod probably only viable for sp fishing on high tide on beaches




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