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Hairtail were really abundant up until Easter but have tapered off in the big numbers since then, but are still around. They were getting them off the shore at Illawong Bay from Feb this year- we went up and caught a few using live Yellowtail, they weren't interested in Pilchards when I was there, only Yellowtail. Returned again last new moon and didn't lose a bait, only one was caught between about 40 fishing for them.

Interestingly, none of the ones I've heard of have had any roe in them, so the 'early season' run didn't seem to be the usual spawning run and maybe this year will be a great year for them? They have been getting them from Port Kembla to Newcastle Harbour for a couple of months and have heard there's been some in both Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay- love catching them.

The new 'strobe' light method of catching them works really well- you just put the flashing light on directly above your wire trace and it definitely attracts them.

2 hours ago, Burger said:

Blokes have been getting them off the rocks in Sydney I saw on Facebook recently, I'd never heard of that before.

We caught them at the Mattens a few times and they get them off the top of the cliffs at the 'Block' at Eastern Avenue

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