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Lowrance hook reveal 7


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Is your transducer placed on the upstroke of the propeller and within 45cm of the prop ?. If so replace it to the down stroke (Starboard) side of the transom.

Other than that, it looks like a sensitivity issue to me.

Sometimes when downrigging I get lines similar to this and it's just the echo from my bomb that is stayind in the ping zone.

Others may have better idea.


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Sure looks like electrical interference, try and see if there's something big electronically near or wrapped up with the transponder cable, charge cable from the motor to battery or trolling motor supply?   

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So if you turn everything off ( except the sounder ) and are not moving does it go away ? If it doesn’t you may have a crook transducer / head unit or connector.

If it does go away then systematically go through turning things on and off again one by one to see if there is something causing it . If it only does when moving check the transducer mounting / location .

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