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Botany bay

George mihas

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Well, about 235 years ago these people came to the Bay and obviously the fishing was very poor because they imported Carp, Redfin, and Trout to help sustain the ever-increasing population.

Fast forward to more recent times and the advent of modern fishing tackle, particularly in the new field of Technology, has enabled people to see the full potential of the Bay. Lots of Squid, Yaccas, Bream, Flathead, and Kingfish...particularly in the warmer months.

Reports from BB over the Winter show that few anglers have ventured there to seek out the piscatorial fare that the area provides. Expect this to change dramatically over the Summer months as the annual assault on Kingfish, particularly in the Molineux Point region, gets into top gear.

Apologies George for the flippant assault on your enquiry, I couldn't resist.

There hasn't been too many recent reports from BB, not many reports from anywhere really over the recent Winter. As you would likely know, the warmer weather brings new hope to Fishraiders, and anglers in general, Maybe check out the search bar with keywords and you will see the reports from the BB region.

On a serious note George, welcome to Fishraider. I hope that you won't be put off by MY flippant reply to your very broad-based question. I too, have been suffering from the effects of a very poor recent period of fishing in my region.

Good luck with your search and hopefully some Sydney based Raiders will provide you with some less flippant replies. Good luck when you get out on the water George.


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