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Coxs River Overnighter - trout and carp on fly

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A few fishing buddies and I went for an overnight hike down into a remote section of the Coxs River in the Blue Mountains. With 25 kgs on our backs it was tough going and we're still aching two days later!

It was worth it though because the stretch of river we fished was beautiful and so were the high sandstone cliffs and forests surrounding us. We managed to catch some nice rainbows with our fly rods - they fell for nymphs fished under indicators in the faster flowing sections of the river. Where there were deep pools or flat sections of river, the carp were in plague proportions which was sad to see. I managed to hook a carp on a small fly and it gave me a good run on a fly rod that's for sure.

I don't think we'll be able to do the hike again physically because we're not getting any younger, but it was a great expedition with a couple of mates with a shared passion for fishing. In the end, I reckon that's what fishing is all about.

Tight lines everyone.

Here's a video of highlights from the trip if you're interested...


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Fantastic that you all managed it while you were still able to do it. Such a shame to see all of those Carp in such pristine waters. They will definitely impact the Trout populations.

Quality video too, well done.   bn

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A great report @FishingFables - a great “mates weekend”. So nice to have a stretch of water to yourself - and so close to Sydney (relatively). Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn the clock back and not have carp released in our water ways. Only +ve is that they fight really well and grow so big (unfortunately). I can relate to “not getting any younger”, but a certain cathartic pleasure in feeling stiff and sore, from a weekend adventure.

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