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Tarlo trout treble

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Went to tarlo after work today, and caught three rainbows, biggest would have been 30 odd centimeters. They weren't committing to the rapala which has given me much success recently, although the first two came from the minnow. The last was on the bronze spinner. 

Also had one big rainbow hit, 45+, and a massive brown follow the minnow in, but as mentioned earlier, weren't committing. Would easily have been 50 or more, but sadly it didn't hit. Had a really broad tail that the big trout do. 



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2 hours ago, big Neil said:

A couple of chunky Trout, do you eat them? Just had a look at where Tarlo is...nice area. Cheers, bn

Thanks Neil, I do, but I didn't have my knife with me for the one I would have kept, so not this time

2 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

A good result, well done! 

Cheers bessell

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