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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning, near Lilli Pilli. Fairly quiet, most baits just disappearing without much movement of the line. I snagged one of them, a reddie about 10cm long, appears as though quite a few little ones about. Only 2 legal reddies, and the tailor on the first cast in the darkness. Mixture of baits, the squid lasting longer than pillies or salted fish strips.

The occasional pillie jumping, nothing else. It's a feed, headed home not long after sunup.


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7 hours ago, Larkin said:

Nice catch again Dave! 

Conditions were good out there this morning. Water flat, no wind or chop until after 9am. 

Thank you. Was tossing up, inside or outside, so stayed up river.

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4 hours ago, Robbo from Sydney said:

Well done Yowie. It seems that if you go out and don't catch anything much then the water is very quiet.

Just one of those days. The fish may have been elsewhere. 

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