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Manly dam - a number of firsts!


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Had a few hours free this morning while the misses went shopping so decided to visit manly dam as it was nearby. Never been there before but did some last minute research on fishraider and was going to chuck a spinnerbait (only had a rusted old one), berkerley scum dog and a shallow diver fat crank bait.

Parked outside the park as its so expensive ($8 per hour)

Used the spinnerbait first. Read supposed to retrieve as slow as possible but have it continue to spin. Had about 20 casts and managed to caught a small bass (or estuary perch?). First bass every caught! Took a pic and released.

Then tried the crankbait but no interest. Every now and then casted too far and snagged in the weeds and lily pads.

Finally tried the berkerley scum dog which is the first time I have used it. Continued to cast around the weed beds and then slowly walking it back and varying retrieve speed. Then as I was walking it from the weed beds it gets smashed. Unfortunately it's not a big one but just a 20cm red fin perch. Having said that it's the first time I caught something using surface lures so that was pretty cool.

Then the rain came and was time to pickup the misses.

Anyway great day to be out and will definitely be back at the dam again.

If anyone fish there often could share some insight fishing at the dam that would be great:

(A) thinking of getting some spinnerbaits, any recommendations on weight and colour?

(B) when casting shorebased, do u aim to land it just infront or on the side of the lilypads or weedbeds? Quite a few times I cast straight into it and got snagged...

(C) is there any point casting out into the middle of the lake?

(D) planning on bringing my boys next time and they will use bait. Thinking of digging some earthworm as bait which i read is dynamite in the dam. Should I lob the bait right in the lilypads/weedbed or should I cast it next to them as if i was casting a lure?

(E) BTW can u fish off the dam wall?



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  • Gengar changed the title to Manly dam - a number of firsts!

Hi @Gengar

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I enjoyed the report and the pictures. Congratulations on the redfin and bass.

For further information about fishing the dam give me a call. I'm not in the mood for typing. 😀



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Well done on the firsts, very hard to do what you did. I'm sure you have much to chew over having spoken to Derek. I fished there once with him and we had some success.

Good luck with your next visit there, I will look forward to your report.


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