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Bradley’s head - pbs and firsts


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Evening session from 2 days ago at Bradley’s head with the fam. Due to new years event prep, had to hike in. It was pretty quiet in the beginning, catching a probably just undersize bream and probably a PB black rabbitfish, which after the info I got last time was promptly removed from the hook with pliers.


After that, I saw small schools of whitebait around. With all the bait around it seemed like something was about to happen. Right on queue, I saw a ton of small bust ups near the shore. Casting at it with a bait junkie minnow and burning it back resulted in an instant hookup, and I brought up a small tailor. Seagulls had also seen the action and were starting to come in. There must’ve been hundreds of tailor busting up on the whitebait and they moved them further down shore before bringing them up right in front of the rock jetty/platform.

It made for some good fun for my siblings as I just casted out and let them hook on. The bust ups lasted for around 30mins and we caught about 11 fish and dropped a few more, all small tailor around 20cm. I was still fishing plastics and felt a subtle bite and set the hook. Whatever it was took a screaming first run but then stopped fighting as much. As I was bringing it in I saw a distinct shape and managed to get my first Trev on soft plastics! Measured 32cm so came home for a feed.


A couple of casts later felt another hit and set into it and this one didn’t feel that big at first, so I thought it was another small tailor but then it woke up and went on a couple good runs. I thought maybe flatty, but in came a decent whiting, and a first on soft plastics as well. It was 34cm and also came home for a feed. I was surprised how much fight whiting put up for their size!

I was already pretty happy with the session and it was getting dark so decided to head home.



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