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Mosman bay lesson

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Have been mad about fishing since I was little and came to Australia but never really had anyone to guide me. But over the past 2 years I’ve been getting into fishing a lot more by doing research, going out and have recently been introduced to the wonders of lures. This is why I was very excited after @DerekD invited me and my dad to join in on his fishing lesson with @Kirelda (li ke) and @AlbertW at Mosman bay. Arrived at Mosman bay about 8:30 and began with Derek showing us some knots. Then was the casting. While albert and li ke aced it me and my dad…not so much. So Derek taught us casting from scratch and it was initially quite difficult as my mind kept resorting back to old habits but eventually I’d like to say we got the hang of it through his step by step explanations. Then we headed off to the ferry wharf and began with some lures. Derek first showed some surface lure movements with the sugapen and then we went to soft plastics which I think was the main focus of the day. He showed us retrieval techniques with different plastics such as berkley minnows and grubs. First he showed li ke some techniques for catching bigger fish like pelagics because that was his goal and then helped me and my dad start off from the basics. Though I did have an idea of the retrieval techniques he showed me when to use what, how to flick my wrist instead of my arm( which I just can’t seem to get the hang of) and helped refine my overall technique which was pretty sloppy. Then we moved on to metal slices and vibes and again Derek showed us how they work and how to retrieve them to attract maximum attraction from fish. Caught a small pinkie half the size of The vibe I caught it on which was interesting. Finished the day of with squid jigs before li ke and Derek headed off to another spot to practise some other stuff while I went to bay view park for a quick 30 min flick on my way home to practise some casting and retrieving. Landed a nice flattie on a squidgie prawn wriggler which I think was around 43-45 cm maybe but didn’t have a measuring tape. Main highlight of the day along with the things I learnt was meeting the other raiders and getting to know them. Thanks a lot @DerekD and looking forward to go out again one day 😉



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Hi @Aussie_fisher

It was a pleasure to meet both you and your father. The passion you have for fishing will take you a long way. It was good to see both of you working at the casting and getting more accuracy and distance for less effort. Will have to look at some further sessions when time permits.

Congratulations on the nice flathead too.



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