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Botany Bay 13th Jan.

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Afternoon all,

Decided it was time for a jewy session so off we went approx 12am to the George’s river. Dropped the pots out around Towra approx 1am in the morning for a good 5 hour soak.

Headed back into the river and through some live baits out and prawns. Nothing doing for the first 2 hours and then bang right on low tide slack water my rod tip started to buckle over.

After pulling some line we brought it to the surface and it was a 55cm Jew, just a pup. But the first one for 2024, released to swim off nicely.

Once the sun rose decided to check the traps to find 3, including a rather large coral crab. Sent the traps back down for another 3 hour soak and persisted to find some flatties.

Knocked over 2 flatties for the table and it was 9am, picked the traps up and bagged another 4 blue swimmers.




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