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Kiama Heights rock fishing

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Hi all,

Went down to Kiama Heights last night. 

Weather was perfect apart from a bit of rain in the middle of the session. Swell 1.0 metres.

Got there around 4 pm, fish arrived around 7 pm, and stayed until 1 am fishing.

First ever time catching fish on a lure (metal) too, was surprised how easy it was. Lure fishing is very exciting as you wait for the strike.

In total caught 35 slimy mackerel of good size, on both pilchards and lure.

Some people caught Bonito but mostly mackerel. I have to break this mackerel streak and go onto bigger fish hahaha.



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4 minutes ago, noelm said:

Not too sure where Kiama Heights is, but, small Bonito and Slimies have been in plague proportions for a while now.

At the end of Attunga Avenue mate, near the coast walk track. The guys there said you need leader line to catch bonito, I was using just mono all the way, maybe has something to do with their eyesight seeing the line.

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