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04/02- Parra River Donut saver - pb mullet

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This was an unplanned fish as I woke up extra early (~4am) and couldn't go back to sleep. Told the Mrs I'm going fishing but will be back when the kids wake. 

Didn't have anything planned or packed. So just grabbed the half loaf of bread on the kitchen bench and some worms from the worm farm. The plan was to find bass, carp or mullet.

Headed down to Parra River and started fishing before dawn. Lots of little nibbles on the worms but no takes. I could see the carp around but no takers on the bread or worms. 

No bass either. So I persisted with the bread  burley a little more, while trying not to attract the attention from the ducks.

Finally got hooked up to this chunky mullet on the last cast. My first thought was small carp, but then I saw that tiny head. What a donut saver!

I lost the measure mat in my last trip so I measured against my shoe for reference. The shoe is 31cm long!


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2 hours ago, R E G I C Y C L E said:

Nice fish. The humble old mullet can put up a good fight on light gear!

Thanks @R E G I C Y C L E, this humble mullet definitely gave a good account of itself!

26 minutes ago, Little_Flatty said:

Nice one @kantong! Bet that mullet pulled a bit of string. Have been intending to get down there sometime to try for a carp or bass.

Thanks @Little_Flatty, it certainly was a good little tussle on the shimano 1000c. It definitely tried to brick me a few times in the reeds close to the bank, but couldn't match this fisho's rod handling skills 🤣

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On 2/6/2024 at 7:14 PM, jenno64 said:

Imagine the size of the flathead or Jew that would have a go at that tank😜

The thought crossed my mind too, would be quite a site! Although it might even attract those bull sharks!

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