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South of Port Hacking

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Hi guys

Been busy of late but was able to get out last Tuesday and Friday was hoping to get some calamari and some flatheads for Good Friday for the family lunch no luck with the calamari so I trolled a lure south of Port Hacking along the cliffs to my surprise caught about 4 small mahi-mahi about 40 to 50 cm which I released and got a couple of bonitos which I kept for fresh bait and decided to try for some flatheads was able to get five nice fish couple of blue spots and two marble flathead I think had another go on Friday morning wanted some fresh calamari for lunch but still no luck so tried to get some more bonito for lunch this time and a couple more flatheads put the lures out just off Jibbon beach and was surprised one of the rods went off wasn’t a big fish when we drought it in could not believe it was a flathead we released it and continue to troll down south along the cliffs got a couple of bonitos and tried a few drifts for some flatheads and scored a couple nice fish.PS it’s the first time I’ve cooked bonito and it won’t be the last time 



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Very nice, couple of bags of fish so your time out paid off.

Have not tried eating bonnies, always use them for bait, mostly salted and frozen for another day.

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Can't say I've ever tried Bonito but if they suit your palette go for it. Certainly fun to catch as they are like mini Tuna with their fast runs. Good sized Flatties for the plate too Scooter.

Tight lines, bn

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