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  1. Cracking fish scratchie was this the same fish that was photographed at brents shop? cracking fish mate keep it up
  2. can someone confirm that rock fishing and land based fishing in general is allowed?
  3. scary to think I was fishing around the corner from them the same day and the swell wasn't even bad gotta watch out for them rogue waves. Anyone know if these guys were locals? very sad to see this happen in my area.
  4. so is this rule currently active? I'm wanting to go fishing in the morning and I really don't want to walk around with a life jacket when I know what I'm doing. I'm talking about port stephens I thought it was July 1st that it comes into effect but correct me if I'm wrong thanks.
  5. I take it that no one has experience with baysports considering no one replied had anyone had a ride on a baysports at least? just seems like a cheaper boat not sure if its a better boat then haines hunter/signature because baysports seems to be a lot cheaper then most boats but looks the same
  6. thoughts on baysports offshore boats? and would you recommend them over haines hunter and signature?
  7. very nice looking boat how much did it cost you for the boat before upgrades?
  8. Thanks for the help yeah mostly looking to go outside fishing but as I said when we return to the bay just something for sleeping over night to the cabin would be awesome and did it cost much to convert your boat into a hard top?
  9. Currently I've been looking at the Haines Siganture 650F and the Haines Hunter 625 offshore but would like some advice from experienced offshore boatsman I would also like a cabin for sleeping over night personally I would mostly be using it for fishing but I would like it to be a nice boat for my mum any boats and ideas/help is greatly appreciated.
  10. hey how would I go about moving my post?
  11. Hey just picked up 2 nice 2.65m kayaks on sale and was thinking about taking them out in the ocean I know 2.65m is a bit small for the ocean does anyone know what I can do to them any mods/stabilises that I can add to make my trip better or is ocean fishing in that small of a kayak just a bad idea all round
  12. I've seen it in so many fishing reports but it seems to be the only location that I don't know of anyone know where it is? I was thinking it was some place at tomaree
  13. Thanks i'll try to do it next time I go fishing
  14. Any free apps I had a look and thats like $170 aud
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