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  1. Hey Bob I'm fishing tomorrow morning leaving from roseville boat ramp about 5.45 am with just a mates 16 year old who is a mad fisho chasing kings, wouldn't mind some of your skills and knowledge, I know it's late notice but just got the go from the Mrs. If it's not possible we must arrange a trip please.got a trophy pro so plenty of room cheers
  2. Hi pickles,great catch everyone is talking about the trout ,how does a flathead taste from fresh to brackish water? is it different?? Cheers
  3. Sounds exactly like my day last week, lots of small throw backs plus a couple of big bakers.at least the future looks good.good luck in the snowies. I'm off to Lake Macquarie, any tips anyone?
  4. 6.30 am off for a fish. Then it started with a bearing on the trailer going just as I got to the ramp, so boat on the jetty and off to the trailer man to repair .all done so lucky he could do straight away . On with the fishing ,collected some Yacka around the middle head spots the decided to troll out past the heads with a xrap deep diver . Heading to the fads ,then bang kingfish 85 cm in the esky and now I'm buzzing. Did the fads and wave rider for nothing. ( didn't really care ) fantastic day out on the water,a pod of dolphins came and said hi. So on the way back I thought what would be a good starter with the kingfish??🤔 calamari ,so I give it a go outside. (because someone wrote a great report on here ) Then bang first drop the biggest squid I have ever caught. So that's enough fish and calamari to feed my gang so home and looking forward to dinner .let all the bait fish go for another day .
  5. Well done a lesson learnt, you can replace a rod but the memory's can last for ever,
  6. Thanks guys for your comments, a very strong tasting meat not sure if I would target them? But don't fancy trying to unhook and then trying to pick up to release with them big teeth snapping around. Like pickles said would bleed a lot.cheers
  7. Hi fished the spit last night on the boat and caught a large hairtail ,I thought they are a winter fish? Trying to add pictures
  9. Cheers will look it up now,
  10. Hi going to Greenwell point 22nd April taking 4.5 tinnie centre console . as anyone got any marks I could check out? set up with all the safety gear for outside on calm days. cheers
  11. Amazing don't fancy one of them in my tinnie,lol Well done
  12. Had a quick trip to the Sydney Fad and wave-rider this morning , heaps of small dollies and small King fish great fun but no keepers , one of the pro's hooked a marlin don't Know if they got him or not, Fantastic on the water just a little lumpy. beats working cheers
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