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Hey raiders

while it is not enough to start building an ark it is raining more than it has in a while.

it is often said that the fishing is good after the rain but ive never caught a thing.


should you fish in the rain, or in the dirty water or as it clears? and for what?

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I try to fish after rain cuase it does flush out systems.

Fish the run out tide near any sort of openings - mouths of rivers, near bridges, entrances to bays etc.

I fish the railway bridge at Gosford during / after rain and it nearly always produces good fish


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I love rain when im fishing as usually the wind has subsided as well.

It usually stirs all the fish up but we havnt had enuf rain to even make any impact on flushing the system out (hbury). We need a ton of rain and few downpours wont cut the mustard. After the last few rains the river didnt even discolour. S!@t

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Guest lbgking

Ive had a few good results while it's been raining. I think it has something to do with barometric presure that puts the fish on the bite.

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Guest wayneo

well if it is raining i will always go fishing for 2 reasons

1-well when its raining there isnt many other boats out there if any at all

2-most of my jews have been caught while its been raining or an hour or so after a really big storm

so abit of rain wont hurt you and if you can keep reasonably dry its most probably the best time to fish

cheers wayneo

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