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Last Weekends Report - Ross Hunter Report

Ken A

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From Ross and Glenn Hunter

What a joy it was to take out a bunch of "Fishraider" members.

It is easy for us skippers when the crews are easy going, they work in as part of the crew and above all are determined to have a great day on Mother Ocean even if the fishing goes to crap.It did not do that thank goodness.

It is sometimes difficult for us skippers because we do appreciate that the customers pay us a lot of money and it is so much nicer to have a great day catching fish than go from the "penthouse to the

S….. house" and not catch them. It is so much easier however when you have a crew of fisherman on board who are fisherman and with the "Fishraiders" we had that.

On Billfisher and Broadbill both Glenn and myself really enjoyed your company and we do appreciate you all being so patient in waiting for the yellowfin to bite.

The yellowfin are in our waters but they haven't been biting until late……..thus making extremely long days for skipper and crew .Leave at 7am…. finish cleaning up and ready for home at 8.15pm

We have caught some great catches of tuna over the past month but alas on the weekend they played hard to get, however given that fact, perserverence always pays off and we managed to catch the crews some really nice yellowfin

We do not have individual's names but apparently they are writing their own report.

On behalf of Glenn and myself :

Thank you "Fishraiders" it was fun


Jimmy Arteaga and Danny Ross caught these great tuna on the weekend on Billfisher


Love me love my tuna


Dave Fenech and friend They are Fishraider fanatics


No longer a tuna virgin


Paul Hobbs & friend with a couple tuna


A beautiful sunset on the way home


A great day was had on Billfisher - Heading home in the dark

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words cannot desrcibe the feeling im feeling looking at those photos.4 tuna on one boat,and two on the other two boats but on our sunday charter......0.ross tried his hardest to get the fish to bight but unfortuneatly it just wasnt our day.credit to ross for the day and ill defineatly be out there again on his boat as he is a true master of his craft,so to the other crews that went out on the weekend congrats,to our crew theres always next time. i cant even drown my sorrows as im call..... :depression:

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Guest Jewel

Well done guys, bloody nice catch!!!! :thumbup:

Looks like you got the Penthouse and we got :besetzt: ......... but thats gamefishing!

It was a good day out on the water for us despite no fish coming aboard.

Ross and Johnny the decky were good company and did what they could short of dancing nude on the flybridge to raise a few tuna for us but unfortunately it was just not to be.

At least no leatherjackets turned up that far out.

Impulse, we had 3-4m of swell on the way out but they were not too steep and Broadbill feels pretty seaworthy, I wouldnt worry too much you will get there and back, hopefuly with a few fin!

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Guest fishrunner

:thumbup: to ya guy's on billfisher.

Unfortunately the fin were'nt under broadbill despite Ross and Johny puttin in the effort as mentioned,,,,,,

They must've all been hiding under billfisher as too scared to tangle with us on broadbill :tease: .

Always next time, :depression::1worthy:


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