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Berowra 19/8


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Gday All,

We went for a evening/night fish after work yesterday. By the time we knocked off work, got the boat ready etc, we didnt end up launching till 5:30/6:00.

Went straight to the spot coral tree's and anchored up. My mate (see pic) through his line out immediately while we were rigging up, and somehow managed to catch this ripper of a fish. :biggrin2::1yikes: We couldnt believe it, especially when a bloke at the ramp fished all day without a bite.

But after that, with heavy burlying we failed to catch anything else. We had a few half arsed bites here and there, and a few little choppers in the trail, but that was it.

Still was a great night out, and hope to do it again soon

Cheers Shaun


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Guest Big-Banana

I was with Shaun, and believe it or not caught on a servo Praun :wacko:

43cm and about 1kg. Ripper fish and one I wish I had on my line!

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