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Barrenjoey Report


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Hit the water early out of Akuna Bay and had a perfect run out to Lion Island. Trolled around there a couple of times and then around the head at Barrenjoey for nada. :1badmood:

Headed out to Trawleys for a bottom bash, but the wind picked up and at 7.30 it was absolutely freezing out there. Got nothing, so decided to head closer in out of the wind and try there. Found a nice little drift off Palm Beach with a whole lot of flathead hitting the baits - pilchards, prawns and even one on a 2" pumpkinseed. A lot of fun on the light line - 6lb braid on the small shimano really put a bend in the tip! All up caught probably 40 fish, often double hook ups. Through most back as they were too small. The ones we kept went 33-40 cm, so there were no real big ones out.

Got a nice flounder as well before things started to slow down. Thought one last try out wider, so headed out again. Better conditions, but no fish except the lone jacket, which I kept cause they're popular at home.

Headed back in again to find a car park of boats right off the light house. Don't know what was doing there as I have never seen it that busy there. Any raiders there tell me what was going on???

Back to the ramp and home. Quick clean of the boat and off to cirque de solei. A quick plug - if anyone hasn't seen it and wants to see some sensational stuff book a ticket quick!!

All in all a great day with the boys on one of the nicest bits of water in the world!

Good stuff indeed.


A couple of pics of the catch......



And one of the young fella with the flounder....

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