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Whats Behind Your Boats Name


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Just curious how many of our raiders may have come up with a name for their boat and what many of us think are great names for boats.

I have an Aussie Whaler ProFish 5.5 and my kids named her MINKE, after the Minke whales because they thought Minke was a cute name and related to the brand of boat.

Other great names I have seen are

Site Office, Head Office, Branch Office, Overdraft, Mistress and The Other Woman

What is the storey behind your boats name or what are some of your favourite names



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Well my boat will be getting named this season, and the name will be "Netic".

Mainly so other raiders can recognise the boat as me.

I think it is really good that raiders see other raiders in the water and help each other out when possible and we all need help.

I actually had my first ever response on the radio last weekend,

Said "any raiders out there" and after saying those words on approx 20 trips i got a response saying yes.

Great stuff

Also it might be good to have a registry on here with all the members boats names so we can recongnise them on the water.

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My last boat was called Troublemaker always attracted Waterways and fisheries

So when I bought this one she wanted a pussy name like Blue water or my other choice was Beatsworkin !!!

After speaking to the boys the thumbs down vote was given :thumbdown:

So after speaking to my keen Fisho physio He offered the option of Team !! Wetpatch !!

So I dropped the team and went back to the boys for a re vote The Yes vote went through as the double meaning for the young or old

Well when :wife: got home to find that name going up she had a fit Saying it was embarrasing for a lady on that boat and she could never come on it and what ever and whatever AND I LIVED HAPPILY EVER :yahoo: AFTER

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Guest fishrunner

My boat is named JEW IN,

looks to be the original name from 30 yrs ago by the original owner. Not the best name ,but don't mind it.(I've only had a few jewies hit the deck so far).

Been too scared to change it as I and others feel she has 30 yrs good karma, and has often overriden certain idividuals fishing curses :074:


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when i'm out on a family day i'm "outnumbered" by females

when i'm out with fellow raiders fishing i'm "outnumbered" by real fisho's

when i'm out having a couple of drinks with fellow raiders i'm "outnumbered " by real pisspots

i think my boats name was a natural choice :1prop:

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Boats name is "Tuffy", same as my login. When I first bought the boat home from the dealer, my stepson was going over it and made the comment, "that's a tough lookin' tinnie, Russ.", so the name was ceated there and then. I am going to get decals made of the name and apply to the boat..........soon!!! Trouble is I've got to get to Parra to the printer who makes them and time is my worst enemy.

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Hi All

When we first got our boat Haines Signature 500BR We wanted a boat for all types of activities Fishing, Cruising, Ski\Tubing & Fishing. So when it came time to choose which boat the questions came thick and fast from the :wife: Can we do this on it? Can we do that on it? and my answers where all the same "YES DEAR", "YES DEAR". Now the name has stuck

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Names of my boats:

1982 haines 565L with 175 evinrude was called Rage'N it was fast.

1995 33ft riviera flybridge was called Stress Relief, we spent every weekend on her.

1985 stacer 445 with 55hp suzuki was called Small Fry, it was little.

Current boat, 2005 Quintrex 530 spirit with 115hp 4st merc called Gone Wishin because I keep wishin I catch that monster fish.

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I am still trying to name my boat!!

The kids have come up with a few -

Fish n Chips

Fish Fingers

Fishy Fingers

Miandad (that was from my son....)

I think a name is important as it should reflect your boat/style etc - just like all the above posts

Still thinking..............

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my understanding is, according to nautical history, once a boat is named it is bad luck to change the name unless you retain the name somewhere on the boat. Many rename and have a plaque made they place in the cabin.

Still have not named mine after 18 months. Apathetic would be appropriate.

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