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What's On This Weekend

Guest madsmc

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It's that time of the week again Raiders. So let us know what you've got planned, fishing or otherwise.

The weather report looks pretty dodgy for my neck of the woods, with showers and moderate winds forecast. Funnily enough, it's pretty much the same forecast from the good bream session I had a few weekends ago. On Saturday the high tide will be peaking mid morning in Newcastle harbour, so I'm hoping the bream will be keen for round two.

I'll be watching the footy finals with interest over the weekend, including my beloved Dogs on Saturday night. I'm sure a few beers will be had, and it could turn into a big night, especially if they get up against the Raiders.

If you do end up getting out for a fish over the weekend, make sure you pack the camera and take some pics of your catch for a report, and possibly an entry into the current Modern Fishing Catch of the Month competition. Got to be in it to win it Raiders. :biggrin2:

Have a good weekend all. :beersmile:


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Saturday is for a suit fitting for an upcoming wedding (not mine) then some recovery lagers with finals footy on the big screen at the local. Don't see myself wandering out for a fish unless the wind dies down, I don't mind the cold, don't mind the rain but fishing in heavy wind sux.



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The plan was to fish BBay on sunday but i aint going out in the wind and chop that has been forcasted. So my weekend will be spent at home with a few :beersmile: and the lovely :wife: doing those odd jobs that seem never to get done.


Anyone who does venture out :1fishing1: good luck

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Was going to take my 3 yr old son bushwalking on Saturday but will have to wait and see how the weather pans out, Sunday doing a few od jobs around the house and finish stripping the paint on the valiant.

I haven't had a fish since anzac day I'm starting to wonder if I still classify as a fisho

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The forecast is shithouse for the next 4 days :mad3:

Glad I have to work the weekend this time .

Have a great weekend all

Cheers Swordfisherman

I reckon the forecast looks great for a few sessions down H.C bay! :thumbup:

I'll be starting with a quick fish this arvo & then the tides are looking good for a session tommorow morning with all the rain we've had.

Saturday will be spent cleaning the house for an open house at midday & quoting in the arvo & plenty of :beersmile: watching the Swans on Sat night.

Sunday looks nice for another flick & I have a fellow Raider coming over in the arvo for a look at the kayak.

Looks like a good one coming up & hopefully a few fish.

Hope everyone has a top w/end.



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Leave Saturday to spend a week fishing Lake Awoonga behind Gladstone, the following week one of the other bass dams up that way.

Home on the 27th

Sounds awesome. Lets us know how you go

Looks like I will be stuck in the workshop unless the weather clears up, if it does then I'll launch from ATB

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sp session(s) along the southern shores of my local; footy finals; hang with the mrs and the little man; paintball with the crew from church(might be a bit wet); finals footy (go the dragons); surf if it cleans up by sunday -- oh yeah...work. looks like i'm too busy.

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Motyman & I are keen to get out for a fish on Saturday. It has been several months since our last outing so a session is well overdue.

Due to the weather we have narrowed it down to CC Bridge or the Moons.

Final decission this afternoon , not keen on getting a wet arse :thumbdown:


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