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Fishing land based on saturday arvo.(stanwell park)

Would like to be out on the boat, but still having problems, but hey fishing is fishing especialy since i havent been for around 10-11weeks :mad3::1badmood::(:05::ranting2:

good luck to everyone, hope it is nice and sunny like today

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Guest danielinbyron

Dawn spinning big feathers for trevs ,, i think the wind will come up .. if not i like new moons , tommorow it is i think , for jew. It has been a slow start to spring here..

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Thought i would start this thread seeing nobody has done it already

Im hoping to research some squid spots in the harbour this saturday and maybe go to botany on Sunday

I was going to start the thread, but i realised that Tuesday was a bit far out from the weekend!!! :074:

PLAN is to head out Broken Bay on Sunday, but the wind is really starting to ...... annoy me (everyone iguess), but looking at seabreeze we should be right till about lunchtime.

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I'll be downing a few amber ales this evening, and watching my beloved Dogs. :thumbup:

Will wait and see how the weather pans out over the weekend to see when and where I can fit a session in on the harbour bream.

Have a good one all.


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Getting the boat ready for summer, wash and polish, new trailer lights and then fix up my tackle and pack the boat for the Jewfish social.



Hopefully get stuck into the Yellowfin with the Hunter Boys on Saturday :yahoo:

Have a good weekend all :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

Wishing you guys a fantastic day and great weather



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