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Bluefish Manly


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post-2189-1163242382_thumb.jpgpost-2189-1163242288_thumb.jpg :tease: After fastracking a christmas presant yesterday, just had to get out there and give it a

testrun. ( a saltiga o'head). Got to roseville ramp 5.30 and joined the queue. Straight to clontarf, got 15 yakkas in about 40 mins. Headed to favourite area off bluefish, sounded around for awhile and found a few

scrathes on the sounder and started fishing,conditions were nearly perfect.Stuck a livie down and sent out 2

floaters, after around 1/2 hr the floater on the old toy gets nailed and a red around 2kgs is boated, caught 2

more reds of similiar size over the next 1hr, livies were getting squided so i didn't bother. Around 9.30 the

new toy gets a solid run ( at last ) this fish was stripping my 20lb line pretty easily, turned the fish and managed to gain ground as i was enjoying my new toy so much i didn't take alot of notice of the fish, after

about 5heavenly minutes a red of 7kg is in the boat :beersmile::beersmile: it was hi fives allround although

i was alone :tease.Decided to use 1 line only as the fish were consistent-the new one of course.Next bait

was sent out and was smashed midwater, this fish could not be stopped and reefed me, maybe abig red

or a king??anyway landed another red 4.5kg and a few smaller ones.total 7 reds 1.5-3kgs and the 2 larger

fish.After a few ordinary outings it was great to have a day like this one, half the neighbourhood are eating

snapper tonight and tommorow :074:

7 reds were caught on yakkas

2 on fresh squid.

Cheers, Michael.

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Guest danielinbyron


what a cracking day.... i have never had any luck with a new reel or rod yet!!

seems they need a trip or two to adjust for me.

whats for dinner then..???

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Great fish well done

I got a 6.5kg one off long reef a couple of years ago. I just thought he was lost

It’s Refreshing to see more of this size snapper caught off Sydney.

Well Done!

PS: Where is Blue fish I have allot of GPS marks off Sydney but none called Bluefish, Can U share this mark

With us raiders.


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Thanks for 'the feedback guys;

It was one of those rare days where the fish are there and

hungry.Bluefish Pt is the northern end of north head, about

half a k offshore there's broken and solid reef, this extends

east for about 4ks or more but i have'nt fished any wider.

I think this is the northern edge of the leads??.I like to fish

this area as it's close.A good colour sounder can make things

easier. I don't keep reds under 35cm .

:beersmile: michael

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Great Reds there mate, there has to be a few more around as they are getting them all along the coast, but to get them you have to specifically target them.

great report and good to see they are around in Sydney.

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:beersmile: These snappers were absolutely awsome..... definately the largest I have seen caught of Sydney :1fishing1: ....... Almost a match to the smile on your face :yahoo: when you rocked up......

Yep, I was one of the lucky dudes that were fortunate enough to enjoy one for dinner from this catch ......

Well Done and thanks champ.....

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:thumbup: well done mate, beauty reds there :thumbup:

Glad you enjoyed it JimB,

Good to see you posting :1welcomeani:

You guys did well yourselves with a good mixed bag

and some horse flathead; would've gone down well

on the barbie with a few :beersmile::beersmile: .

might see you at the ramp some time again.

Looking forward to a :1fishing1: report.



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