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Sydney Reefs On Saturday


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Set off from Roseville on Saturday with Trippo and picked up some live bait before heading outside.

We set up the downrigger and also trolled at the surface to cover as much depth as possible.

All of a sudden everything was going off - both of us had to grab a rod but all the kingies were around the legal limit so back they went. As we were heading south there were schools of salmon passing by but we were more interested in targetting the kingies everyone had been talking about.It was quite eerie because there was no one else around and we were having a great time but all were small so they were going back. Anyway by now we wanted a change of scenery and the swell was bugging us so we headed north.

This time we just bottom bashed again with yakkas and all of a sudden both rods went off.

trippo got smashed and busted but some how I managed to fight mine to the surface after getting running instructions for at least 20 minutes.Everytime it saw the boat it would dive to the bottom.then the question was where is the net?? -left at home!! So the plan was to grab it by the tail and as you can see in the picture we were succesful to bring it on board.- 103 cm on the brag mat.!!.As you can see from the picture we had a chance to celebrate.There are pictures available but the site doesn't have enough storage.

Not bad for a beginner?


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Guest Sea Jay

Congrats mate great fish, hope i get to see one of those with my hook in its gob this summer

You definatly lived up to your name!!!! :1prop::1prop:

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