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Dolphin Fish


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congrats nice fish

Why dont you enter them in fish of the month?


thanks for the welcome.

heres a better pick of the bigger one I caught.


I shared a charter out of a resort in the south side of Upolo, Had a great 5 hours.

The guide was a local who just seemed to know where the fish were and would predict a strike 5 seconds before every fish.

The boat caught 10 fish, 6 dollies, 2 skip jack, 1 YFT 6kg and a barracuda.

Lost quite a few fish, at one stage we had a 4 way hook up when I pulled in the small YFT,

One fish almost spooled a Tiagra 50W only to break the 200lb mono after the drag was tightened.

He reckoned it was a big 35kg + YFT

I'll post some more pics when I get them off the camera.

all reports I had heard that week about the blue water fishing were pretty good with lots of Dollies and the odd marlin around.

There are some good deals on at the moment for Samoa with Virgin Pacific doing cheap flights.

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