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What A Day!

blue marlin

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Set off through Botany Heads at around 4.45am Sunday, and we headed straight to Browns, with a good temperature break. Got to 70 fathoms and found one at around 5.30am. We put a spread of lures out with all intentions of staying with the 25deg water. After 2hrs of trolling in and out of the break we decided to continue onto Browns for a shot at the Cod. About a mile short we found some birds so we trolled over to have a look. We got a triple hook up :thumbup:, we all thought it was a school of Yellow Fin. The first fish to the boat was a Yellow Fin, 2nd was a Dolphin Fish of probably10kg and 3rd was a 8kg Wahoo, boated them all. Then before you could say what is a Wahoo doing off Sydney in December the three were filleted and steaked and in the ice. :thumbup: After a clean of the cock pit the lures were reset with the current running at around 3 knots. The birds and fish were not to easy to keep up with. Caught up with the birds again and another triple hook up with a Dolphin Fish of around 10kg and 2 small Yellow Fin. The Fin were tagged and the Dolly went in the esky. After another a quick clean lures were back out and drove to the birds again and another triple hook up. :thumbup: we lost two and boated another Wahoo that was quikly steaked and into the esky. Back to the birds again and guess what more Wahoo. Mind you the lure's were looking a bit tired after the nice shinny teeth of the Wahoo had there way with them.

The amount of fish that was seen was unbeliveble. :1yikes: But with the skipper with out a fish we set up a lure on the rocket launcher below the bridge so he could have a crack. And guess what another Wahoo, faught from the fly bridge, that was a luck one he was left to fight another day. Afther doing the same thing another 5 time and countless fish lost and hooks missing we ended up with,

7 Wahoo tagged, 5 boated

4 Yellow Fin tagged, 1 boated

3 Dolphin Fish boated.

We decided to leave the school and head to the origanal destination Browns, to find us a Marlin since we were on a roll. After an hour of trolling, we found what we were looking for. After 3 strikes he finally took the Shot Gun. After a short fight we tagged a very healthy 70kg Striped Marlin. Trolled with no more hits. :thumbdown: So we packed up and reached the Heads at 4.30pm. All in all a Grerat Day out in the Big Blue. :biggrin2: For those that are interested i'll try and figure out how to post the photos later.






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Excellent news, keep the currents coming i say, me wants a few more big dolly's this season too. Got to beat the PB for the boat this year, and hope its a male! They go crazy the big males!

Awesome effort buddy!

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Hi Nudge,I had a mate who was on another boat out there and he was the guy who relayed for you for the SKED at SGFC.He was telling me that when the initial report went in ,they all thought you guys were having a lend,well done.

From what I have heard so far ,you guys had the best day out there for the whole central zone,well done.


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Guest johblow

Unreal. Great report and photos. Just out of interest, with the Wahoo, do you need to fillet them to get best eating results? Or do you do that with all of your fish as a matter of course?



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Well done Fellas that's the sort of day that we hope for on Broadbill and Billfisher But alas not so good for us having worked hard to raise two marlin and not catch either..Just a few small tuna.. Talk about being in the wrong spot at the right time. There as obviously a bait source under the birds that the toe biters had balled up.

We had a similar day some years ago when every time we approached the birds we caught all kinds of fish Inc a 225 kg blue marlin on a bridled 8kg yellowfin.

Ah! the stuff dreams are made of .

Well done.

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What a top days fishing. I have never heard of so many Wahoo being caught in a day in NSW. You were certainly in a magic piece of water and reaped the bounty. Tuna, dolphin fish and Wahoo, now that's a tropical feast for the BBQ. Then to cap it off with a Marlin.

Your point score for the season is off to a great start.

Well done and congratulations


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Well done ,

We also fished Sunday raised 5 marlin tagged 1 and landed 3 jellybean fin........Bridled a YFT which was taken then spat out ......Awesome day out there great water, bring on the good weather.....

Well done again!!!!!!!!!!


Steve (Outwide)

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