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First King


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Greetings Raiders.

I have only been fishing a few years, starting with plastics for Bream and Flathead.

Reading sites like this has certainly helped and saved lots of trial and error. So, thanks to you experienced fisho's for helping me along.

Over Christmas I went up to the Gold Coast and fished with my brother in law, getting amongst Wahoo and Spotty Macks. :1yikes: Losing line to a nice fish certainly gets the heart pumping - awesome fun. :biggrin2:

Although catching flatties on light gear has its place, a new world of fishing has opened up.

So, I am pleased to announce my first venture out into Sydney Harbour after Kingies ended successfully. :thumbup:

Not really knowing what I was doing I took everything and the kitchen sink with me. Couldn't seem to get any takers with bait so I tossed a 6" plastic (not sure if using the brand name is the cool thing to do??) at the marker.

They came from everywhere to look at it - little ones on top and big ones below. It was fantastic to watch them react whenever I twitched the plastic. They came up to it to look at it, nudged it with their nose etc.

Eventually one couldn't hold back and play began. Landed a nice fish. :1fishing1: I'm hooked now, and my journey to improve my technique has begun......

Excuse my lack of use of photos etc - I'll sort myself out in due course.

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Great stuff Hookem..and :1welcomeani: to the site.

Congratulations on your first Kingy.

You should try and come along to the Kingfish Social this Sunday if you can make it.

It's going to be Fishraider Kingy mayhem amongst those kings.



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