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Hawkesbury River Saturday Night


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Hi Raiders

I trust the Majority of you are out onthe harbour today getting into some kingies.

Well last night we went out and has a sesion on the Hawkesbury. There were boats everywhere, we fished at Juno Point and there must have been 20 boats out there. It looked like there were a few at Flint & Steel too. If there were any raiders out there i'd like to hear from you & your catches.

We were in search of the Illustrious Jew, no 10KG fish to report though.

5x Shovel Noses (Picture of one below)

2x Soapies 45cms

1x Flatty 38CMs

1x Whitting (Under Size)

I have never had such great fight from a Shovel Nose, usually they are a bit like a Ray, just sit there & hug the bottom. These actually fought well!


All in all we had a good night & were kept busy, would of like to of seen a big Jewie, but heyho. There is always next time. :05:

Tight Lines

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you must of caught the shovel nose sharks that we left for you from our trip that morning, your right about the boats, it was like a parking lot.we fish the hawksbury every week, for the reason there not much boats, but yesterday was crazy.those rumours have started about those 30 kg jewies

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Went out to Brooklyn saturady afternoon, ramp packed and boats everywhere as mentioned earlier.Fished aroung the Bridges in a bit choppier water than usual, picked up 2 small jewies 35cm, 3 Port jackson sharks, 1 small ray and a small eel.

Plenty of boats around the road bridge after dark but it didnt seem like any of them caught anything, we hardly even got a bite after night fell.

Left about 2:15am and spoke to a few other boaties at the ramp, all had the same story.Not much action at all.

Still, a good night to be on the water.

No pics to add, but nothing really worthy of having his picture taken anyway.

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Fished Juno Point on Sat night, did all the hard yards in the arvo with a vast array of live baits, yellow tail, tailor and squid. Got to Juno an hour before sunset and fished until 1am for nothing. :05:

Im sure all the bait shop owners put up false reports so everyone will get out there......

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Me and the deckie are going out overnight this weekend(as usual) We havent done too bad on the jew down Smiths creek, but are having problems getting live squid.

Can any of you other locals help out? My spots are very quite at the moment.

Thanks Heaps.

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In all honesty, just because some people dont get jews, its not that they are not there, its just what is happening while you guys are fishing, your baits, the boat, so many factors come into play while fishing for jews, they do not get that big cause they are dumb! The fish are there, they just dont like your bait or the way it looks! Or a few other things, dont despair as it will come together for you's one day, there are no false reports, the fish are there, althought this season has been on average pretty ordinary.


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