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Rats Rampage


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Well i got a late call from Pekingduck asking if i wanted to chase kings again with him and his brother

So i was in

In the water we go, little bit chilly early on

but we chased around squid and pick up 1 and dropped another out of the net :tease: just after inking us

We then anchored up after not do any good down rigging.

We then moved again.But this was what i can say now for a good while.

Within 3 minutes first kingie in the boat but did rule up to expectations

Then not even 5 minutes later im on ,this thing gave me some curry on a little cardiff 200 with 20lb braid

Then Bang it launches out of the water 1.5m in the air few minutes later a 57cm 3kg Salmon for me a first and now a PB :yahoo:.

Then i hear Im on another landed kingie under size but whilst that was happening another rod goes off

:yahoo: Double hook up ( not my rod but it was now :biggrin2: ).My first Kingie but went 55cm

Then it went a little quiet.

then my yellowtail started going nuts ,THERE HERE.Pekingduck's on all i hear is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and hear

This is a good fish i,m not going to stop this the drag sung a song it went for that long,then bang.ahhhhhhhhh

Then PD brother is on yeah another one boated 60cm

PD and i got a Double hook up within 2 seconds apart and then the fish where togther we where tangled

but both still going hard.Landed both at similair times.mine went 59.5cm

We then moved spots later in the arvo and got 2 more rats.

All in all

9 Rats 1 keeper

1 salmon

and a monster Cuttle fish

1 squid

dropped about 10 not hooked or into the sunset.

for Me

First kingie ever

first salmon

Pekingduck's brother first Kingie + a legal one

I will post some pics but Pekingduck has most which he will post


This is my 5 month old daughter


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