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Roped Into Fishing For Carp


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Hey raiders,

I have been roped into a carp fishin adventure on sunday up at newie, i have never fished for xos gold fish before so i need little help... I was watching a pommy fishing show oin the lifestyle channel once and they were using these funny rigs with what they "boilies" which is basically a netted little bag of chook pellets/burley pellets with hooks dangling around it, any one got any tips on rigs, bait, tackle to use? also can you catch em on big lures? or do they just eat little pellety grainy grassy stuff??

any tips woulb be great



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Mate they are great fun on light gear and you get to do a bit for the environment...

I have heard of the odd one being caught on a lure but if you are going to target them bait is probably the safest option..

I have only been carp fishing a couple of times but we have always used a long light rod and a float set up. You can burley with bread or corn (yep corn) and just use a couple of the niblets as bait.

If you can get then feeding on bread a little bread fly can be heaps of fun on a 5wt

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Mate they are really good fun on light line.

Try 6lb rod and use a small hook about size 4 baitholder works for me. use a trace and a small pea sinker. load it with either worms or corn (when we go for em we ut out a few till we see what they are hitting on the day).

Best corn to use is sweet corn in a can and you can eat the bait if you get hungry as well!

and they do fight pretty hard mate, if you get a beast of a carp around 5kg + you will love it!

You'll prob target them as well if you get some nice ones. I know i do and i fish the rocks for kingies on a regular basis as well.

p.s if your using worms burley with come of the soil the worms are in, it really gets em poking around to have a lool.

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we used to catch truck loads of the bludgers in the nepean as kids. we used 3kg line, with a simple running sinker rig with swivel and about 40cm leader, for bait we used to use bread or dough, but they will eat corn or worms too. we used to get them up to about 8kg, which are great fun on light gear, most of what we caught were around the 1-2kg mark

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I used to fish for them down the back of my place in the dam. I swear by Dog Food or Corn!

I fish for them in the local river. I would berley up using bread or corn right in front of me, then roll a piece of bread into a ball over a small hook that's attached to the main line. I normally just drop the bait about 1 meter in front of me as the carp will swim right up to eat the berley.

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Grenades are good!!! Bastard carp... a scurge on our waterways.

Nothing better than working in pairs, one catching em, one belting the crap out them with a big stick.

In some dams when its nice and foggy in the morning they comenin really close to breed, you can smack em over the head with a big stick or gaff em or net em green. We got a 18 fish out the back of Kemps Creek one morning with a mate, all in all we got most on rod and reel but i netted two and smacked one over the head with a big stick!

About 40kg of fish though!

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Years ago (like 20+) family friends had a farm out west of Coonamble, we have shot carp with a .22

U Need to be quite, sneak up to the high side of a billabong, wait to see them come up and get em.

Usually had to hope the dead fish floated or there was no way of confirming the kill. Didnt get loads of em, but we got some.

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In my opinion, it's worms, bread then corn for best baits (carp will eat them all readily). I have used 4lb mono in the past and caught 12lb fish on it - great fun. You can use the main line straight through to the hook and fish baits unweighted, or add a swivel for a little extra weight. The carp feel no resistance through the slack line and simply swim off with the bait. Leave a bit of slck line after you cast - you'll see that the carp will swim off slowly with the bait. By the way, I only use worms when I want the chance of catching a bass whilst carp fishing - too much work to find worms just for carp (although, they LOVE em!). Elaborate rigs with boilies are for the poms - they really take carp fishing very seriously over there - and who can blame them when they catch some real giants!


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Sounds like you're covered here. Agree with all of the above. Especially the grenades. Don't forget your hammer to kill the bas*##d's dead!

We catch 'em on worms at Burrendong & Whyangla Dams all the time. Paternoster rig with 6 to 8lb leaders & 6lb line. Usually a #4 baitholder for the wormies works well. I also use a #1 sinker on bottom of double drops but have also used floating #1 & # 2 beans with about 1 to 1.5metres of leader. They all work pretty well. And yeah, they do put up a pretty fun fight. They are great for the young-uns to pull in as there is nothing better than the shit eatin' grin a kid has holding a fish they can hardly lift.

None of these are REAL monsters but they did average about 3kg (Biggest was about 3.5)

Heres a few we've caught over Dec & Jan in Burrendong.




Have fun & remove heaps of 'em so our natives can breathe a little better.


Boofhead (Mik)

PS - Maybe I'm prejudice but I reckon they STINK to high heaven. Different odour to natives altogether. Make sure you take a towel & change your shirt at least b4 getting in a car. (Put dirties in a sealable bag or bucket with tight lid) Trust me, they really do smeel like "off" fish.

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Thanks for all the info guys,

Me and my mate drank too many beers on saturday night and wake up till 11am which saw us on the river at seaham (near raymond terrace) at 12pm. Wrong time of the day to be fishin, nobody was catching anything, we were so hung over that the horrible smell of all the dead carp along the banks from prevoius fisherman were making us just abut spew, after about an hour of piss farting around with bread and corn under the floats we decide to call it a day, Ill do it properly next time.....but we did see a MASSIVE dead carp that someone had killed and left on the bank...would have been about a metre and a half long and about 50cm's high an absolute MONSTER!! and it stunk to high heaven as well...

once again thanks for all the info :thumbup: , ill put it to good use next time...and stay off the :beersmile: the night before



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