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Jess Sams Ulladula Game Fishing Tournament


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The weekend just gone saw 4 of us (myself, Ian "Reel Addiction", Brad and Phil go south to fish the game fishing tournament.

Day 1:

Saw us head North East to the shelf. Water temp was 22-22.8.

Being the only billfish virgin on the boat the guys gave me first strike.

The long rigger wnet off on the tide change and i landed a 16 kg yellow fin

Listening to the chatter on the radio we heard of beakies out in the deep, so we headed out wider and in 200 fathoms the long corner goes off with a blistering run. We saw the fish jump and knew it was a marlin so the guys genrously gave me the rod again. After a 45 min battle we had a 2.25 metre approx 110kg Black marlin next to the boat.

No more fish after that for the day.


Saw us heading out real wide where the water peaked at 25.2 degrees. There were heaps of birds and large schools of flying fish but no predators.

The day was saved when on the way in we landed another yellow fin.

Day 3:

With reports from other boats of striped marlin up north around the shelf we decided to head that way again. In about 2 kms the water went from 22 - 24.5. We could see other boats out wider so we moved on from the temp break to see what else was around. Water temp got to 25.1 and we could see birds, first to go off was the shot gun witha nice yellow fin.

Then the long corner went off and another yellow fin. We swapped the lures to tuna lures and enjoyed an hour off fin after fin going 10/8/7 on tag and realse yellowfin with a few multiple hookups.

The school went quiet so we decided to move to another flock off birds we could see a few km's away. Half way there the rigger goes off and we are hooked up to a nice strpped marlin. Iain was on the rod and worked the fish back to the boat.

Then comes the bad part, through a lack of experience on my part the tag was not put in before the leader was grabbed and the fish changed direction and threw the hooks with no tag and no points for the boat. Pretty sure if we had got it we would have taken out the trailer boat section of the tournament. You live and learn i suppose :thumbdown:

We didnt hang around for the presentation as we knew we hadnt won, another boat had 20000 points for 2 marlin and we had 18000 for 1 marlin and 8 yellow fin tag and release, but im not sure if an other trailer boats came in later with big points.

Biggest capture went to a Blue marlin of 149kg and a yellow fin of 40kg was weighed.

Anyway it was the most successfull fishing trip i have been on and had the time of my life, thanks heaps guys for giving me the opportunity to catch my first marlin, it was great.











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awesome tun o fun

im coming down your way in a few weeks to fish with Ashley on Ultimate II as a guest of my cousins "macca".

glad to hear those stickface are showing up as thats what were chasing.....if its half as good as last years trip we had (13 over 4 days) i will be stoked..

congratulations on your first marlin mate...post-3431-1170629971_thumb.jpg

regards Maxi

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Great pic's and well done on the marlin,i'm just not quite sure i'd be holding the bill towards me for the photo though.In the excitement i know things are happening a million miles an hour,but those buggers can still jump at the boat,didn't mean to put a dampener on a great trip,once again well done!

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BIG congrats brett to u mate,

spoke to iain this morning on pitty u guys dndt boat the 1st marlin :thumbdown:

u guys still carved up with the YFT great effort all round... great pics too

cheers steve

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Well done again mate i enjoyed watching you slay the beast as much as being in the rod myself.

Was a great weekend for the team it waws a shame about the stripy but that fishing as you said we learned for next time.

Congrats again mate look foward to seeing you hooked up tp your next one.



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