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North West Island (video) Part 2


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Great video there blackfish, what does your wife use to edit the material?

Hi Sammy, we have a Mac Mini, makes editing very easy,

Thanks for the kind words....... and YES she outfished me :mad3:

Just had great fun.


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Awesome.... :1yikes::yahoo::thumbup: That's the kind of holiday that I dream of... Why would anyone go overseas when we've got such amazing fishing on our doorstep! I've gotta get out there! :thumbup: Is it a DIY holiday or is there a mothership service/accomodation in the area?


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:ranting2: How dare you make me watch that. I'm at home at the computer it's pouring outside.

Now Seriously GREAT stuff. :thumbup:

It's good to see the kids, big and small having such a great time.

We're due for a holiday can't wait I want to go now!

When's the next show?

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