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First Kingie


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A mate and I went down to the Rose Bay ramp to launch my boat, in search of my first kingfish.We went around to Clifton and sat a few hundred metres awy from it and I picked up a few small snapper,1 small whiting.When daylight come up we moved in closer to the gardens and did small short drifts,then it happened I landed my first King at 62cm.It was great,can't wait to get into them again.I also managed to pick up a Blue swimmer at the gardens.

We moved away but everything over to Bradley Head and everything was dead when I got a hit and busted off.Feeling dissapointed we anchored but the wind was picking up.We decided to call it a day when I went to bring my line in I thought I had something and all of a sudden I was snagged.Cut the line and went to bring the anchor in.As I got to the last part of the rope I noticed my line I just cut was hooked into the rope ( no wonder I could not lift it) but my other hook had a 35cm flattie on it and landed.Its a heavy way of bringing a fish up.

Overall the day was great and the Kingie was great on the BBQ.

Steve better luck next time mate,he did not get a single hook up.

:1fishing1: Suffo


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Guest adamson

Yes this report is 100% true i was the one who did not get a bite this time.But what wonderful work on the landing net and the camera well done Adam look forward to getting out again soon

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