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12 Mile To The Shelf


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Hay fella raiders

Decided to head out to 12mile to see if there was any marlin in close at the moment. I left Roseville boat ramp at 630 and had I nice run up middle harbour. I was greeted with birds hitting bait just of middle head, I through some soft plastics around but couldn’t get any takers.

As the conditions were so nice I motored straight out to 12 mile and set the spread. I was on my own so the plan was to just troll around 12 mile but after an hour and not 1 fish in site I decided to troll out to the shelf.

Once I reached the shelf the sea had started to pick up so as I decided to turn and head home. Just as I started to turn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :1prop: I was on…. I grabbed the road and started bring the other lines in (which was rather challenging on my own) then the water exploded and out comes a nice striped marlin….. :1yikes: just as I started to reel like mad I realised it was all over it had thrown the hook (all over in less then 30 secs followed by ½ an hour of cursing) that’s fish thou…

I set the spread again and within 15min again the long corner goes off… after 10 min on 15kg gear I though I had a small yellowfin but once it got near the boat I realised that it was my first Wahoo. Not a bad fight with 3 big runs but after that it was easy reel to the boat. The fish went 12.8kgs and made plenty of steaks and fillets to feed family and friends. Not a bad day on the water with water temps ranging form 23c at 12 mile to 24.5c on the edge of the shelf.



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Well done Keith, Nice boat, nice trip & nice feed. I love the way you said you were heading in, then got hit with a Marlin, then all of a sudden your setting lines again. LOL That's all it takes for us to stay another few hours isn't it, one decent thrill & we're suddenly thinkin' "Just one more. :biggrin2:

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:1welcomeani: to Fishraider

after a slow start it turned good

always good when you bring fish home for a feed

Nice boat also Keith

need a deckie :biggrin2:

Thanks guys

Droping the marlin was defently a pain but thats fishing...

johnno PM me your details and ill give you a call next time i need someone

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